Sustainable Intensification Project



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You can view and download the SIP inforgraphic here

SIP Information Sheet

Please feel free to print out and distribute our SIP Information Sheet.

Science, Policy and Practice Notes

A series of science, policy and practice breifing notes have been produced by SIP and they can be accessed at the links below.

Please note: SIP reports are not currently avaiable at the links given on the last pages. These are expected to be available by the end of November 2017.

Note 1: Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Intensification – An Introduction to SIP

Note 2: Farmer and Adviser Attitudes to Integrated Farm Management

Note 3: The Role of Cover Crops within Sustainable Soil Management

Note 4: Sustaining Trace Elements in Grazing Sheep

Note 5: Assessing the Performance of Commercial Farms

Note 6: Farmer Collaboration and Engagement

Note 7: Dynamic Landscape Typology Tool for Sustainable Intensification

Note 8: Benchmarking Sustainable Intensification

Project Reports

SIP 1 and SIP 2 reports will be available by the end of November 2017 at the following links: 

SIP 1: Integrated Farm Management for improved economic, environmental and social performance

SIP 2: Opportunities and risks for farming and the environment at landscape scales

SIP 3: The influence of external drivers and actors on the sustainability and productivity of English and Welsh farming (available now)


Decision support
  • Rose, D.C., Sutherland, W.J., Parker, C., Lobley, M., Winter, M., Morris, C., Twining, S., Ffoulkes, C., Amano, T. and Dicks, L.V. (2016) 'Decision support tools for agriculture: Towards effective design and delivery', Agricultural Systems, 149, pp. 65–174.
How scalable is sustainable intensification?


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